Testimonials for Dr. Chan’s Evergreen Dental Clinic

Thank you to our loyal patients for offering their testimonials of our service.  If you are interested in providing your comments about Dr. Chan's services, please click here.

Stop! Look! Listen! Do you need professional, comfortable, dental care?? When you’re in the West, get the Best, Dr Wesley Chan and staff. Come in with a dental conundrum, and leave with a smile, knowing you’ve made the right choice.
Douglas A., patient for over 25 years, and still smiling

I love Dr Chan!! Also, I love the fact that he has had the same staff for all these years. I can always call him, day or night, and he will always call me back. He also calls me after a difficult procedure to see how I’m doing. I really appreciate the care and concern that he and his office staff show toward their patients.
Molly J., patient for over 30 years

As a kid, I grew up dreading those visits to the dentist. Now, I can say that I no longer dread them. Is it because I've grown up? Maybe. But maybe it's because I go to Chan Dentistry. Here, Dr. Wesley Chan and his staff are all personable and friendly, making my visits both positive and rewarding. Why settle for impersonal mediocre dentistry when I can go to a dentist who not only knows what he's doing, but is also very approachable? This is what has been making my dental experiences great for the past 10 years with Chan Dentistry. I always leave feeling both encouraged to take care of my teeth and cared for as a person. And that's above and beyond any of my past dental experiences! Yes, I've grown up. But I also go to Chan Dentistry. Thanks Dr. Chan and staff!" Hope that helps! Let me know if I need to edit some or what not. 🙂 Blessings!
Thomas C., thrilled to provide his reference.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wesley Chan for over 30 years. I feel that he and his staff are highly qualified and professional; yet an office visit can actually turn out to be "fun" because of the humor among the staff. Over the years, there have been three main events that have occurred that have kept me loyal to Dr. Chan, even though I live 25 miles away. 1) After my first visit, in 1979 or 1980, Dr. Chan called me after office hours to ensure that I had not encountered any problems or was experiencing any pain. 2) A local orthodontist recommended braces for my pre-teen daughter. Dr. Chan advised waiting to see how her new teeth would grow in, and also gave her a retainer to try. This not only saved me thousands of dollars, she has beautiful, straight teeth. 3) My elderly mother-in-law had a bad fall, cutting her chin and breaking several teeth. It was a weekend and she could not reach her regular dentist. I called Dr. Chan and he willingly went to his office and attended to her damaged mouth. It was a very traumatic event for her, but Dr. Chan's caring ways and expertise calmed her down, and she also became Dr. Chan's loyal patient for the rest of her life. I appreciate the opportunity to highly recommend Dr. Chan and his staff!
Karen H., patient for over 30 years

My husband and I and 3 daughters have been seeing Dr. Chan for all our dental needs for many years. He has provided us with outstanding dental service. His kind and gentle spirit helps us to relax, a must have quality when undergoing certain dental procedures. Dr. Chan just did a beautiful job on re- crowning my 21 year old's 4 front teeth, after a "specialist" did a horrible job 5 years ago. We should have had him do it the first time. Very impressed with his work ethic and quality over the years.
Maureen S., A loyal patient

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